Cryptic Chests

23.5.3 Cryptic Chests

The Cryptic Chest can obtained sometimes through monthly periods where it will sold on the website, or given away as a prize. It contains a random prize, ranging from artifacts down to a handful of gold. 

When you OPEN the chest, you will receive one of the following main prizes:

Main prizes:
- Credits
- Iron Coins
- Artifacts
- Minipets
- Chocolates
- Compendium pages
- Discount vouchers
- Ambience tokens
- Stealth crystals
- Relic pieces
- Gold
- Shapeshifter Hoods

In addition to the main prize, the chest also gets filled with some random minor prizes, such as:
- Herbs
- Torch of the Underhalls
- Ylem shards
- Curatives
- Ylem orbs
- Ylem amulets
- Commodities
- Grimstim pills (eaten, provide a critical chance increase)
- Bull's eyes (eaten, restores willpower)
- Phoenix hearts (eaten, restores endurance)

Each chest also has a 10% chance of containing a broken piece from a chest. Collect three of them and you can FUSE them into a new cryptic chest.

More information on some of these prizes follow.

The following minipets are currently available in chests:
- a fuzzy penguin chick
- a brightly plumed peacock
- an iron-clawed crab
- an iridescent isopod
- a miniaturized twister
- a restless spectre
- an armored viper
- a large furry moth

Pages for the following areas are currently available in the chests:
Ayhesa, Ollin, Tiyen Esityi, Illdon, The Forgotten Dome, Dovan, Dramedo Warrens, and Tcanna

Some artifacts may come as an 'orb of power' if their artifact power doesn't have an item normally associated with it (e.g. xpgain). Powers can be transferred from an orb of power to any other valid artifact item free of charge if desired, but will work fine from the orb of power as well.

Some artifact prizes may also include things such as:
- hunting boon tokens, redeemable for a level 1 class hunting artifact.
- pet tokens, redeemable for the 900 credit pet package in HELP PETS.
- house deeds, redeemable for the a free house plus two new rooms, or five new rooms onto an existing house. Talk to Razmael.
- upgrade token, which may be used to upgrade an leveled artifact power to the next level.
- a token of passage, redeemable for level 1 wings or amulet.
- a transportation token, redeemable for a 'custom' wings artifact. Talk to Razmael.

* Will attune itself to whatever area you LIGHT it in.
* Will disappear eight hours after being lit.
* You can WAVE TORCH to teleport to the attuned area.
* You can GAZE TORCH to see how many mobs are alive in the area, how long ago the last mob died, and how long until the next mob respawns.
* You can TRADEIN TORCH for instant 5 bound credits, if you have yet to light it.

This can be redeemed for an ambience message attached to your character. This is essentially a message that will show in whatever room you're standing in every few minutes. Restrictions and standards apply. Talk to Razmael to redeem.

Once you crack this crystal, it will give you the sense_elusion defence which will last until you die, log out or 24 hours have passed. Item is destroyed upon use. Item can be traded in for 5 credits using PROMO TRADEIN instead of being used.

Here is a list of all relics that have pieces available in the chests. 

One of ten flairs: Icy, Light, Fire, Shadow, Earth, Water, Air, Zombie, Cocky and Nervous.

One of: Shrubbing, Angled, Stormhorn, Trapgold, Mistjar, Tokenpress, Grapnel, Sensebacklash, afterimage, and flames.

Refer to HELP RELIC ITEMS for details on what these relics do.