Cooking Materials

22.8 Cooking Materials

These are ingredient locations for those who are not part of the Crafters clan and are having a difficult time finding what they are looking for. These are cooking related materials.

|      Dairy      |

Any craft office - cream, milk (generic)
A dairy shop (Attica, v11552) - cheese (cottage), cheese (Attican), cheese (blue), goat cheese, cream cheese, curds, milk (glass), buttermilk
Quiet general store (Mrenadh, v14727) - milk (glass)
A small food stall (Grand Library, v56967) - goat cheese, sheep's milk cheese
A well-stocked market area (Heylai, v58740) - chamois cheese

|      Fish      |


A smoky room (Attica, v11554) - smoked fish
A smelly fish market (Esterport, v53389) - puffer fish, oyster, shrimp, lobster, trout, herring, stockfish, octopus, eel, clam, flounder, tuna, anchovy
Quiet general store (Mrenadh, v14727) - cod, mackerel
A marketplace (Riparium, v6669) - puffer fish, lobster, herring

Dun Fortress Moat - catfish
Green Lake - pike
Myesis River - salmon
Nal'jin Depths - ray
Ollin - shark
Pachacacha - salmon, piranha, catfish
Perilaus River - eel
Peshwar Delta - salmon, oyster
Riparium - salmon, blackfish, octopus, crab, shark, sturgeon, swordfish, angler, fangtooth, eel
Tainhelm - sunfish
Tasur'ke - oyster, shark
Zaphar River - bluegill, minnow

|      Fruit      |

Any craft office - strawberry, lemon, orange
A small garden (Arbothia, v14758, see Lialah) - rhubarb
An exotic fruit market (Esterport, v53393) - boysenberry, pomegranate (regular and pink), banana, avocado, lime, mango, coconut, grapefruit, pineapple, apple, lime, cherry, lychee, passionfruit
A shaded, cluttered market corner (Esterport, v53383) - raisins
Various places (Delve, v33868/v33849) - peron melon, suli berry, belarit, chakda, tamarillo
A small fruit stall (Pash Valley, v33322) - apricot, plum, pear, apple, peach, grapes
Weaving through racks of fabric and leather (Esterport, v53381, see Mizotl) - pomegranate (pink), persimmon, kiwi, honeydew, cantaloupe, watermelon
East Grell Street (Saluria, v10094, see Urantotl) - pumpkin, papaya, fig
A well-stocked market area (Heylai, v58740) - crabapples
A fragrant produce shop (Skythrone, v60165) - avocado, chirimoya, sour cherry

Grasslands - strawberry
Hills - blackberry
Mountains - blueberry
Tundra - cloudberry
Swamp - cranberry
Valley - raspberry
Desert - prickly pear

Tall tree surrounded by rabbit burrows (Aalen Forest, v1932) - cherry
Lower spangledance (Aureliana Forest, v4832) - apple
Various locations (Grand Library, v56951/56954) - pear, peach, lemon, pumpkin (large and large orange), pomegranate (juicy), apricot, plum, orange, grapes (red, purple, green), cherry
Various places (Shamtota Hills, v1474/1477) - lemon, orange
Various places (Duiran, v43721, 43719) - cherry, plum
Skythrone, v60103 - avocado, chirimoya, sour cherry, passion fruit, tomato

|    Herbs/Spices     |

Any craft office - salt (generic), black pepper, curry powder
A shaded, cluttered market corner (Esterport, v53383) - salt (sea salt), paprika, nutmeg, thyme, parsley, cinnamon, sage, rosemary, sesame seeds, mustard, anise, basil, vanilla, mint
Easter Ithmia (see Aelfwine) - tarragon, dill, liquorice, marsh mallow, cloves, willowbark
A well-stocked market area (Heylai, v58740) - chard, chicory, horsemint, flax seeds
Surrounded by various plantlife vendors (El'Jazira, v4126) - turmeric, cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, cumin, saffron, anise, fennel
A fragrant produce shop (Skythrone, v60165) - azhuteyng spice, canella, cocoa, cumin, black pepper, mint
The grocers' alcoves (Moghedu, v60953) - redpepper

Various locations (Attica, v11503/11455 (see Ladnij)) - mint, cilantro, zurabulb
Desert - saffron
A vibrant oasis garden (El'Jazira, v4149) - mint, cilantro, vanilla
Grasslands - anise
A tropical flower garden (Saluria, v10125) - mint, vanilla
Various locations (Grand Library, v56953/56954) - bay leaf, garlic, ponpin, cilantro, mint, basil, sage, rosemary, thyme, vanilla
A mountain garden (Hubride, v16118) - yarrow, basil, vanilla, mint, garlic, basil, cilantro, chile (pepper)
A fragrant smelling field (Skythrone, v60060) - vanilla orchid, chile pepper, tabacco, cumin, canella, cocoa, kawhe

|      Meat       |

Any craft office - antelope, chicken, beef/cow, mutton, turkey
Amongst barrels of salt meat and racks of metal (Esterport, v53386) - t-bone steak, rump roast, tenderloin, pork/pig, ribs (babyback/reg), porkchop, ham, bacon
A well-stocked market area (Heylai, v58740) - direwolf flank steak, Weald rabbit thighs

Aerie - chicken/hen
Attica - beef/cow
Augerweald - Weald rabbit, orel bird, large elk, arctic fox, bhfaol
Aureliana - boar, rabbit, deer
Green Lake - frog
Kalydian Forest - deer
Liruma - beef/cow, sheep/lamb, buffalo
Mamashi Grasslands - buffalo
Morgun - jambaali
Ollin - boar
Pash Valley - antelope, pigeon, eagle
Putoran Hills - sheep/lamb
Grand Library - beef/cow/sheep/lamb
Rebel's Ridge - chicken
Tarea Mountains - goat
Three Widows - chamois, chinchilla, alpaca, grouse, kestrel
Torston - frog
Vashnar - sheep/lamb, goat
Skythrone - cow, pig

|      Nuts       |

A shaded, cluttered market corner (Esterport, v53383) - peanut, cashew, hazelnut, almond, pecan, macadamia, pine nut

Eastern Ithmia - walnut

|    Vegetable    |

Any craft office - carrots, pepper (chile), corn, onion, garlic, tomato, potato, mushroom, lettuce, leek, scallions, chives, cauliflower, agave
At the centre of the Esterport markets (Esterport, v53382) - pepper (green), peas (packet), squash, beans (green), radish, sprouts, broccoli, chickpeas, cucumbers
An open-air fruit and vegetable stand (Delve, v33868) - eggplant, kupabi, kumara (sweet potato)
A small food stall (Grand Library, v56967) - celery, spinach, cabbage, lettuce
A well-stocked market area (Heylai, v58740) - chard, chicory
A fragrant produce shop (Skythrone, v60165) - squash, green gourd, maize, ulluco root, oca root, sweet potato

A vegetable garden (Attica, v11504) - carrots, pepper (chile), tomato, cucumber
The inn kitchen (Attica, v11455, see Ladnij) - artichoke
Patch of swaying dandelions (Pash Valley, v1647) - pepper (chile), cucumber
Deep in western Ithmia (Western Ithmia, v927) - potato, broccoli, pumpkin
Various places (Grand Library, v56953/56954) - pepper (chile), cucumber, onion, peas (snow peas), carrots, tomato, potato, asparagus
Various places (Spinesreach, v18460/18457/17449) - yam, beet, cucumber, broccoli
Various places (enjoy exploring!) - mushroom
A mountain garden (Hubride, v16118) - taro root, artichokes, bellpepper, eggplant, cucumber, brocoli, mushrooms, tomato, onion, pumpkin, carrots, potato, chile pepper
Surrounded by mounds (Skythrone, v60100) - ulluco, oca, sweet potato, potato
Among rows of vegetables (Skythrone, v60102) - squash, cucumber, gourd

|   Other Ingredients   |

Any craft office - flour, bread, corn meal, sugar, butter, egg, yeast, honey, rice, oats, noodles, kidney  beans, ice cubes, molasses, olive oil, vinegar, candied kelp, red dye, green dye, blue dye, yellow dye, purple dye, maple sugar
A small garden (Arbothia, v14758, see Lialah) - oats
A dim shop (Isle of Despair, v15164) - dung, shark fat, sea salt, blood
The inn kitchen (Attica, v11455, see Ladnij) - pixie dust, fish paste, flower petals
A smelly fish market (Esterport, v53389) - red dye, green dye, blue dye, yellow dye, purple dye
A gaggle of colourful, heavily laden stalls (Esterport, v53387) - olive (black), olive (black, pitted), olive (green), candied orange, chocolate, marzipan
Amongst barrels of salt meat and racks of metal (Esterport, v53386) - blood, straw
East Grell Street (Saluria, v10094, see Urantotl) - pumpkin seed, watermelon seed
Various locations (Delve, v33868, v33849) - ukala leaf, kisal oil, taraki oil, barak toad skin, ukala juice
A fragrant produce shop (Skythrone, v60165) - quinoa, maize
The grocers' alcoves (Moghedu, v60953) - oats, wheat, hop, rye, barley, rhubarb, redpepper, chickpeas, sesame seeds, lentils, tahini paste

Deep within the Spirean greenhouse (Spinesreach, v32882) - cocoa pod
Within fields of tall grains (Skythrone, v60059) - quinoa, maize