Cooking Approval Guidelines

22.2.3 Cooking Approval Guidelines

Between pot, pan, stove, and oven, Cooking is a vibrant trade ripe with possibility.

   - Eaten 1p is what the eater sees, and is first person.
   - Eaten 3p is what a person in the room with them sees when someone is eating, so would be third person and utilize the $(name$) tokens. 
   - Smell is just that, the smell of the dish (SMELL <item>)
   - Taste is a sampling of the TASTE <ITEM>

   - Remember that Eaten 1p/3p are to describe the food, not the person's reaction to it. Keep in mind that each personality and character approaches food differently, so give room for their own expression. 

   - Do not use out-of-character regional materials, nor brand names (like bundt). Some specific names like mozerella are also not permitted (though you can still describe using a mild, soft white cheese)

   - All meats must be dead.
   - Words and phrases that are not permitted

   Reminder: Customized rations will revert back to the original version when cached. This is intentional and not a bug.