Combat Messages

13.12 Combat Messages

Aetolia provides a system of concise, standardized messages for skill-related actions to assist in coding and combat comprehension.

Consider this skill/attack, the Blast ability in the Squirtgun skill:
"Slyphe aims his massive squirtgun at you and soaks you from head to toe with its frigid payload."

With CONFIG COMBATMESSAGES ON, one would see an additional line:
"Slyphe uses Squirtgun Blast on you."

With CONFIG COMBATMESSAGES GAG, the detailed line would be omitted and you would only see the brief line.

Aetolia also sends a GMCP message for each supported skill/attack, sent under the 'CombatMessage' heading, with the following fields and values:
  - Caster:  The person performing the skill.
  - Target:  The target of the skill, if any.
  - Message: The detailed line that would typically display. Note that this is sent in GMCP even if you have CONFIGured Aetolia to gag the message in normal output. This allows you to easily mirror the detailed lines to a different screen or pane.