City of Djeir and Catacombs

25.13.6 City of Djeir and Catacombs

Within the deep gorge of the Azdun dungeons, the mighty currents of
the river Perilaus are born, forming into a raging river as they
plunge ever northward, carving their way deeper and deeper into the
flesh of the earth. If any adventurers brave the dangerous waters of
this turbulent river and journeys to its end, they shall find
themselves within the dark mirror of the Black Lake - a great
underground lake stretching for many miles.

It is on the shores of the Black Lake that the spires of the city of
Djeir rise proudly to the cavernous ceiling. Situated in a hollow
beneath the earth, Djeir is the largest and the most advanced city of
the underworld, having stood there since the end of the Second Mortal
Age. It is populated by graceful, powerful people who call themselves
the Djeirani, a race that is rumoured to have been formed from
spiders. Highly hierarchial, the Djeirani separate themselves into
caste, with the highest class - the nobility - possessing certain
physical characteristics that mark them from birth as beings of a
higher class. There are rumours that this separation dates back to
their creation, though the details remain to be discovered.

Djeir is ruled by three Noble Houses, though only one Djeirani sits
upon the Amethyst Throne and bears the title of Emperor. The Imperial
Palace is a center of activity within this busy city. As all great
empires, the city of Djeir is constantly torn by internal politics,
with various factions vying for power.  Despite inner strife, the city
continues to grow and advance, for it is home to many skilled
craftsmen, artisans, and warriors.

It is rumoured that there are a network of catacombs under the city.