Cathedral of Gloaming

25.13.11 Cathedral of Gloaming

The Cathedral existed long before the Dwarves arrived and held some spectacular architecture within. The Dwarves did not understand why it was abandoned, and did not look too deeply into what the place represented. They simply took it upon themselves to settle into the land.

These Dwarves chose to worship the dusk, or gloaming, because of how glorious it looked from this holy ground. They came to believe that it is the strongest and most beautiful time of daylight - an example of how the light can still be seen as the long night approaches. Showing that death is not the end but merely the beginning - the light before death bringing you to true contentment. It is the time that brings about the individual fire and allows it to shine brightly, providing each person to find their own path in the darkness without being overwhelmed by the light that is ever present in the day.

It was their own way of worshiping Dhaivol, though they became an even odder offshoot from the Heylai Dwarves over time - becoming more and more radical about the gloaming.

It is unknown how it happened or specifically when, but one night an overwhelming number of spirits started to appear at night in the Cathedral - haunting the Dwarves that reside. Because of this, the Dwarves leave the area during the night to avoid these creatures. During the day, they remain and worship the coming gloaming. 

The people of the cathedral assume that these spirits are caused by something nefarious the Trolls have done, though rumor has it that this land was cursed long ago - long before the Trolls could have done a thing. The realm may never know what is the actual truth behind this land.