Capture the Flag

18.3.3 Capture the Flag

Capture the Flag is an event that takes place in a special arena, pitting the
cities and Duiran against each other in a massive free for all contest.

The Arena
The arena is divided into six sections. One for each city, one for Duiran, and
one large general area. Each organisation has a 'Base Room' where their flag is
located. The goal is to find an opposing flag, uproot it, and return it to your
own base.

Flag Movement
Movement with the flag is limited. Every movement will use one second of
equilibrium. Only normal, swimming, and crashing movement is allowed. Any other
types of movement, such a braziers, prisms, etc will result in the flag being

Additionally very few commands are allowed while carrying the flag. You cannot
fight, but you can use basic communication and healing commands. Healing
commands include concoction and reanimation commands, not special skill healing
commands or tattoos. You can use the compose command.

In order to score, you must capture a flag from another organisation and return
it to your base. Simply entering you base room will score and return the flag
back to the opponents base. In addition to gaining a point, you will also
reduce the score of the team you captured the flag from by one point. A team
can never have less then zero points.

Death in the CTF arena will not result in experience loss. Instead, you will be
deposited in your organisations preparation chamber. You will have 60 seconds
before you can enter the CTF arena again.

Preparation Chamber
When you enter a CTF or are killed in the arena, you will be deposited in a
prep chamber for your organisation. You cannot leave this room for 60 seconds.
You may use this time to get ready to get back into the fight. There are four
exits from the chamber that will place you in different locations on the
Killing Fields.

- This command will uproot a CTF flag. If you uproot an opposing flag,
  it will be placed in your inventory. Uprooting your organisational
  flag will return it to your base. Uprooting a flag will take a few 

- This will display the current score of the CTF. Returning a flag to
  your base will award your team one point.

- This will show you the current location of all the flags.

- This will show you who is currently playing the CTF event.

- You can only join a CTF from a special room within your city. Once
  you join a CTF you will be taken to a special preparation/portal
  room. From this room you may prepare to enter the CTF arena itself.
  However, there is also a 60 second delay on entering the arena from
  here. You can join a CTF at any time, even while the event is already

  Entry Rooms
  Bloodloch  : Earthen Cove.
  Duiran     : The base of an enormous redwood.
  Enorian    : A simple waiting room.
  Spinesreach: At the base of the Spires.

- You can quit a CTF at anytime (and return later is you wish). Leaving
  the CTF arena will deposit you at you organisational entry point.