Brewing Approval Guidelines

22.2.2 Brewing Approval Guidelines

Drinks for days! These are some guidelines specific to brewing.

1. If you need to reference an item that is holding the liquid, use $(thing$) in the line for that item. Do not use container$ or anything similar to that.

2. Just like with cooking, make sure you are accurately adding what you realistically could need to make the drink you are planning out.

3. Typically, if a drink type exists in the game (IE: beer), you can make your own version of it. However, know that you have to be far more creative with your design than what you might see from a game-designed item. You cannot get away with a one-lined examined.

4. If a drink type exists in the game that is typically named due to a regional area out-of-character, you can still make your own version of it. As long as we have created a version of it, you can.

5. Wines are the only exception to the rule of not requiring more components. The way that wines ferment brings in the flavor, rather than having different things added to it, so only grapes are required as per the design.

6. In the sip/lastsip items, there are words in dark grey. These cannot be edited. Anything beyond those grey can be edited, however, and will appear in a more white hue like the other design items.

When in doubt, ask Becue.