9.8.2 Bombcrafting

An art pioneered far from the lands of Sapience, the talent of bombcrafting hails from the distant shores of Albedos. While the Dreikathi forces have been able to use it to yield the most devastating results, the researchers in the port city of Delve have also learned its ways, tempering the explosive ingredients to yield a variety never before seen. 

By combining the correct ratio of ingredients such as ash, sulphur, oil and obsidian, the skilled bombcrafter can bring quite a few useful incendiaries to aid his allies on the battlefield, ranging in effect from hindrances to concussive blasts and explosions of shrapnel to wreak havoc. 

Even the ylem cores, with their ties to the leylines, have been known to find themselves in bombs, a unique component that has effect on the eld spawned at the foci. It should be noted that a bombcrafter should also be somewhat of a tactician, utilizing his creations at the most opportune moment.