4.7.1 Bloodlines

Bloodlines are simply a way to trace your familial relationships in such a way that they are officially recorded by Aetolia (more specifically, the monks of the Grand Aetolian Library). To join a bloodline or begin your own, you must either be recorded as the child of someone or record someone as your child. Rites of Unity are unnecessary.

In order to record someone as a child, the parent and the child must go, together, to the Bloodline Registry in the Grand Aetolian Library and then must use the 'bloodline record' command to officially record the familial relationship. (Syntax below).

It should go without saying that bloodlines are permanent and irrevocable. 
After all, you cannot change who your biological mother and father are!


  - Parent and child must both come to the Bloodline Registry, just southeast
    of the Entrance to the Grand Aetolian Library (see HELP GRAND LIBRARY)
  - Bloodline records are PERMANENT.
  - The child must be at least 13 years younger than the parent, for obvious
  - A child may not be recorded into a bloodline until he or she has 20 hours
    of official playtime.

  - Shows someone's bloodline, going up to three generations back and three
    generations forward.

Note: in this context, the term "bloodline" refers to the link between a parent and their biological child. The relationship between a vampire and his or her sire is a different thing entirely.