Banking and Banks

6.10 Banking and Banks

Keeping your valuable golden sovereigns in your hands is not always the 
wisest course of action. Certain abilities possessed by players may     
cause you to be forced to hand it over to them. Keeping your gold in a  
backpack is certainly safer, but for true safety, the place to keep your
gold is in a bank. You may also donate credits to a city, guild, house  
or clan at a bank.                                                      

In order to use a bank, you must first find a branch of a bank. Once    
there, you may DEPOSIT <however many golden sovereigns>, provided you   
are holding that many in your hands. WITHDRAW <gold> will withdraw gold 
from your account. Note that the bank will exact a 2% withdrawal fee    
every time you withdraw gold, and that fee will always be at least 1    

If you have tremendous wealth, you may have spread your accounts among  
various banks. BANKACCOUNTS will show you a listing of your various     
accounts, and how much gold you have in them.                           

Locations of major banks:                                                 

The Imperial Enorian Bank is located east, then north from Seluno       

The Blood Bank in Bloodloch is found west, then southwest from Howling  

The Exchange in Spinesreach is south, east, then south from the Spirean

The treasury of the Great Oak in Duiran is north, west, up, northwest twice then west twice from the massive core of the Great Oak.      


   Displays the current amounts you have deposited in the various banks.

   Deposits the amount specified into your bank account.

DEPOSIT <amount> GOLD/CREDITS <organization>
   Deposits the amount of GOLD into the account of the
   city/guild/order/clan, CREDIT deposits may be made to a guild or city.

WITHDRAW <amount>
   Withdraws the amount of gold specified from your account.

WITHDRAW <amount> <organization> [reason]
   Withdraws the amount of gold specified from the account of the

Note: 2% of the amount you're withdrawing will be subtracted before     
receiving your gold. For example, if you WITHDRAW 5000 GOLD then 100 of 
that gold will be subtracted, leaving you with only 4900 gold.