Ashtani Resistance Ashtani Resistance

Tuiln, once a young Ashtani boy, found himself among many homeless and distraut citizens when the city of Ashtan was conquered by the invading Dreikathi forces. Though many Ashtan citizens managed to escape before the city was taken, the loss of their once-great oceanside haven to these outsiders came as a striking blow.

While most Ashtan refugees moved to inhabit a camp within the Liruma scrubland or to the welcoming Eleusian Village and pursue life as unofficial Citizenry of Ashtan, the realm proper seemed to welcome this opportunity to rally the forces willing to come to action. With some luck and great effort, one of the ruthless Marzpawn - the leaders of the invading forces - was destroyed. The dragons that had begun to appear prior to the invasion soon fell to various brave fighters within the realm. The three remaining cities and the Duiran Council even allied together to combine military forces to attempt to stave off the oncoming intruders. Many small and large victories were had in the wake of Ashtan's loss, and this, as well as the safe escape of various notable Ashtan citizens, soon brought some hope to the homeless and war-torn members of the city.

Soon, inspired, Tuiln led a raid of the 'Outpost' once known as Ashtan. Though the raid was more than successful, and the intruders were forced from their beloved isles, the city and its wealth of knowledge were left to be overrun by the sea. 

Fortunately, when the Port City of Delve was discovered and soon swarmed with people from all walks of life, Tuiln, as well as a great deal of wayward refugees, have taken post within their Military Chambers. There, he remains, ready to welcome any and all who wish to join him, they need only seek him out and ASK TUILN ENLIST RESISTANCE. Members of the resistance communicate freely with one another with updates on ongoing information found as the discovered continent is explored, as others join and progress, and, of course, as the ongoing war with these ruthless intruders wages on.