9.9.1 Apothecary

The Apothecary skill utilizes knowledge of local fauna, and the medicinal properties of the parts of their body, in order to produce elixirs and poultices.

In order to make such curatives, you must first collect the ingredients or otherwise acquire them. You must obtain the ingredients by finding and killing a creature which provides the needed body part - for example, a rat tail from a rat. Once you have the creature's corpse, you may COLLECT [part] FROM CORPSE. You may only collect so many body parts per real-life day, although more experienced Apothecarians may collect a greater amount. You can use COLLECT AMOUNT to see how many parts you have collected this day, as well as the maximum amount you can collect. To collect parts, you must be wielding an iron scalpel.

Preparing curatives requires access to an Apothecary preparation room, which contains an alembic for boiling ingredients and distilling curatives, as well as various other tools, chemicals, and implements. Once inside of a preparation room with your ingredients, you may PREPARE [amount] <curative type>. Each individual preparation requires balance, and you will continue preparing until you've finished the specified amount of curatives, or you enter PREPARE STOP.

Once you have fully prepared your ingredients, you must then distill them into a container: DISTILL [amount] INTO <container>, where the container may be your fluidcache, a cask, a vial (for elixirs), or a bandage (for poultices).