Affliction List

13.7.2 Affliction List

The affliction list is a great tool to help you determine what your affliction at present does to you, how to heal it, and see detailed information concerning it. You can see the options for this feature by using AFFLICT.

   AFFLICT <name> SHOW

So, let's give an example of how to work this system. You type AFFLICT LIST and see your affliction - asthma:

9   asthma                         afflicted by horrible asthma.

To see details of it, you would do AFFLICT ASTHMA SHOW or AFFLICT 9 SHOW. This provides you with this information:

Affliction:      Asthma.
Diagnose:        afflicted by horrible asthma.
Cure message:    Your bronchial tubes open up and your asthma is cured.
Type:            [x]Physical    [ ]Mental      [x]Venom

You will be unable to smoke any curatives. Fast movement will also cause you harm.
Pill:       Decongestant.
Poultice:   Nothing.
Smoked:     Nothing.
Special:    Nothing.

The diagnose line is what you will see if you know how to DIAGNOSE from Survival. The cure message is what you'll see when you successfully cure it. The type marks what kind of affliction it is. The description explains what this causes you to do or not do. Lastly, the bottom section will tell you the curative for healing it.

Enjoy and use the system wisely!