23.3.16 Travel Artifacts

AP: aboveclouds_flight  wings of the Atavians    2000 cr
    - Lets you fly to a place above the clouds where the eagle's wings take you. It has more exits, and you can also get to the eagle's wings locations from there as well.

AP: belowcaves_burrow   an amulet of the underrealms  2000 cr
    - Lets you burrow to deep within the Death Caves, a location from which you can reach many of the major features of the continent, and also reach the death caves.

AP: burrowing           claws of the wolverine   500 cr
    - Allows one to BURROW through the ground in appropriate environments.

AP: caves_burrow        a sulfurous amulet       800 cr
    - Takes you to the Death Caves, which has exits leading to various parts of the land.

AP: celerity            some well-worn boots of celerity  600 cr
    - Increase the amount you may move before getting told you are being too hasty. This will stack with the Celerity skill.

AP: clouds_flight       wings of the eagle       800 cr
    - Lets you fly to the clouds, a location from which you can reach much of the continent.

AP: flight              ring of flight           400 cr
    - Allows you to FLY. While flying, gain access to two more abilities: (1) VIEW, lists all players outdoors on your continent. (2) TRAVERSE <target>, appear in the skies above any target in the same area as you.

AP: paired              an entwined venantium locket  250 cr
    - Find someone with another locket, and TOUCH locket to locket (both must be in the same inventory). From then on, you can TOUCH LOCKET to travel to that person as long as they are on the same continent.

AP: portals             a wand of portals        800 cr
    - Lets you open up a portal to someone after a short delay. Stopped by a monolith sigil.

AP: wormhole_warp       a dimensional vibrating stick  800 cr
    - Allows one to interact with wormholes in space-time using WORM SEEK, WARP, CANCEL, and SPLICE.