11.2.12 Slyphe, the Maelstrom

The Changing, the Tempest, the Fabricator. Goddess of Seas. God of Change. The many titles of Slyphe over the ages serve only as the faintest introduction to the reality of the Maelstrom. With a form that can be as fluid as water and as changeable as the weather, the only true constant is Their connection to the waters of Sapience. As a staunch supporter of the cause of Light and Spirit, They abhor those who cannot change, who lack the awareness to see beyond the obvious. 

They can be found anywhere water may take Them, whether it be the wild ocean, or the depths of the wilderness, and everywhere in between. Though many tenets have been linked with Them over the course of time, and mortals have conceptualized many more, all things ebb and flow, rising into greater or lesser prominence with the shifting of the years. Only the sea of change remains constant, and awareness, the island jutting upward. 

As the creator of the Kelki, They regard them with some fondness, in a manner similar to the embrace of waves on the seaside - fleeting and yet always returning. The trident is Their most obvious symbol, though flowing water, the telescope, and tome bound in sharkskin each hold their own importance.