7.13.1 Loyal Mobiles

Some mobiles in Aetolia will become loyal to you under certain circumstances, such as if you summon it. If a mobile is loyal to you, you may give it a variety of commands. These are:

Syntax: ORDER <mobile> <command>

PASSIVE                    : Pacify an attacking or upset mobile.
CALM                       : Calm a panicking mobile that is fleeing.
ATTACK or KILL <player>    : Order a mobile to kill someone.
FOLLOW <player>            : Order a mobile to follow someone.
LOSE <player>              : Order a mobile to stop following someone.
GIVE <thing|ALL> TO <ply>  : Give an item to someone.
DROP <thing|ALL>           : Drop an item it is holding.
MOVE or GO <direction>     : Order a mobile to move in a direction.
WAKE or RISE               : Order a mobile to stop resting.

SAY <thing>                : Order a mobile to say something.
<pre-defined emote>        : Use a pre-defined emote. Use EMLIST.
EMOTE <text>               : Use a custom emote. Use HELP EMOTE.

Additionally, they gain some unique effects while loyal to a player:
 * Are immune to critical hits.
 * Are immune to certain PvE damage boosting effects.
 * Are immune to fear effects while with their owner (if not disfigured).
 * Can not attack others while the owner is graced.
 * Do not provide any experience or gold upon death.

Keep in mind if you order something to attack, and that person is not in the room, then that mobile will try to attack anyone else on your ENEMIES list that is present. Should your original target return, then it will try to attack them once more. See HELP ENEMIES for more information.

There are times you might want to order more than one mobile at once, as such there are target words which you can use to order a whole group. Any mobile incapable of following an order you give this way will be automatically omitted from the group.

ORDER LOYAL[S] <..>    : Order all mobiles loyal to you.
ORDER ENTOURAGE <..>   : Order all mobiles following you.
ORDER GUARDS <..>      : Order all guards in the room.