13.15.2 Hunting Overhaul

In your adventures, you will start to encounter denizens that act more intelligently than others, drawing from a set of behaviors and actions to make hunting more difficult and interesting.

Currently, there are three areas in the game which are being used as a sort of trial for an AI overhaul:

Tcanna Island
Torturer's Caverns
This help file's primary function is to point out base archetypes, their behaviors, and how they are overcome.

Most archetypes are countered easier with certain stats, so specific statpacks might be better suited for hunting different enemies.

|Ambusher:   Attacks from hiding      | INT+DEX to counter              |
|Berserker:  Enrages at low health    | INT. PACIFY to counter          |
|Bloody:     Hurts more when bleeding | Clotting/mana to counter        |
|Bruiser:    Can critically hit       | CON to reduce damage            |
|Counterer:  Will counterattack       | STR to overpower                |
|Defender:   Gains high resistances   | PUSH to remove guard, STR-based |
|Devastator: Channels big attacks     | DEX attacks or STR PUSH         |
|Healer:     Will try to heal self    | DEX to interrupt                |
|Mender      Will try to heal allies  | DEX to interrupt                |
|Punisher:   Hates magical shields    | Don't shield                    |
|Tricky:     Feigns death             | INT check                       |
|Resilient:  Crit immune              | N/A                             |
|Stunner:    Stuns                    | CON to reduce chance            |
|Wary:       Helps allies             | INT check                       |

In addition, these overhauled denizens can be PROBED to see just what behaviors they possess. In this case, we will use a bandit as our example target.

Ambusher:   A bandit is looking for a place to hide.
Berserker:  A bandit looks like he is ready to snap.
Bloody:     A bandit is stained with blood.
Bruiser:    A bandit has a critical air about him.
Counterer:  A bandit is battle-hardened.
Defender:   A bandit is sturdy.
Devastator: A bandit appears ready to devastate his foes.
Healer:     A bandit is surprisingly vigorous.
Mender:     A bandit searches for friends in need.
Punisher:   A bandit looks prepared to punish those who trifle with him.
Tricky:     A bandit seems like a natural trickster.
Resilient:  A bandit is resilient.
Stunner:    A bandit moves with stunning force.
Wary:       A bandit regards his surroundings warily.

The following relics are rare and may drop from the denizens in these areas:

Torturers Caverns: 
- a stiff technique scroll (all classes) 
- a sad vox iterator 
- a skeletal minipet cage [a skeletal fish] 
- a bony pelt (Werecroc) 

- a ghostly flair 
- a haunting vox iterator 
- a ghostly minipet cage [a wandering spirit pup] 
- a dark pelt (Wereraven) 

Tcanna Island: 
- a monkeyish technique scroll (all classes) 
- a seabreeze vox iterator 
- an islander minipet cage [a little leopard cub] 
- an islander pelt (Werewolf, Werebear, Werecroc, Wereraven)