20.5.3 Enorian, Beacon of Light

The Enorianites are the keepers of the cause of Light, holding to the ways of the Gods and the teachings of their forebears. Home to those who pursue the Godly causes of Fire, Justice, Truth, and Storm, the people of the southeast stand firm and true in their ideals, pursuing the coming of a new Age-

The Age of Dawn.

The Enorianites claim three guilds: first the Illuminai, who descend variously from an ancient order of Fire, encompassing Priestly, Luminary, and Daru tradition, and serve as caretakers and guardians of the Light. The Templars, descendants of the Paladins and Knights of the southeast, guard the people of Enorian, serve as her strong right arm, and protect the innocent throughout the land. Finally, the Ascendril, wielding the elements of Fire, Water, and Spirit in accord, aid the southeast with their powerful magic and a constantly growing knowledge of existence.

The city of Enorian, from which the Enorianites draw their name, was destroyed during the War of Night in Variach of the year 452 by the Nazedha, and has since been reconstructed. Post-War, the majority of the city's population is variously Orc, Ogre, Troll, or Arqeshi, with Humans comprising roughly one fourth of all Enorianites. Other significant minority races include Dwarves, Kelki, Mhun, and Xoran, who have all achieved representation and recognition disproportionate to their numbers within the city's population.