Forum Rules

1. Keep it PG13. Communications where all parties are agreed to lift that are fine, but default to ingame talky rules. The unicorning unicorn filter will fix swears for those that want it PG.

2. Be civil. This is not a place to insult one another. If you have a problem with someone, that’s what the admin are for. Send a message to @Tiur or any other mod/admin. Celani/Gods/Admin ingame are default mods here. Someone is rude? Message. Insulting? Message. Etc. Counter insults are not productive.

3. If the thread is started by an Admin, keep the replies on topic and add to the discussion. Diverting the thread from its intended point will either make the Admin mad, or just get the thread closed. Or both.

4. This is OOC. Don’t carry things back and forth. That said, willful ignorance on a character level is difficult, so don’t expect everyone to ignore that you posted about how you’re going to steal all of Enorian’s puppies.

5. Don’t be a jerk. If no one gets your humor or satire, you were probably just being a jerk.

Punishments will usually be forum bans with units of weeks. I.e. the smallest punishment is a week ban, and everything else will be multiples of weeks, onward unto infinity.