Truth in Artifice

Plagued by the memories of Lanos, Arion the Truthseeker had been pouring all of His thoughts into unraveling the mysteries of these invaders. In His pondering, the Truth did in fact come to Him, or at least a certain sort of Truth. The Lord of Artifice Himself, Severn, was the only logical being other than Varian Himself who could possibly have the power to mask the knowledge of these creatures from the other Divine. So Arion, with the aid of both His and Severn's faithful, soon learned of a means to enter the Shadow Plane. Villi, and the Priestess Mordia were able to convince Argas, the Minotaur captain to consider their cries for help. Arion, impatient to wait upon the whims of a Mortal flew into a rage at Argas, and ripped the information directly from his mind. The Truthseeker cut a path of destruction through the Minotaur village, taunting the Lord of Artifice until a great, gaping maw tore upon the sky above. The way open, Arion stepped through with grim determination. Neither Arion nor Severn has yet to be seen.