The Transformation of the World

by Magumba, the Last Shaman

I call upon the jaguar spirit, beast of arcane lore and celestial wisdom, to bless this work. This is my record of the earliest days of the World, as was passed down through generations of my now extinct tribe.

Before there was land or ocean, before the sky reigned overhead and cast waters down to nurture the world, nature existed in a uniform state. My people, the Darumi Tribes of Dun, call this state Chaos, for it was shapeless and lifeless, a collection of all elements and aspects of nature blended as one. Although there was earth, it had no firmness though there was light, it had no brightness, and the waters lacked fluidity. Nothing had lasting shape, all elements colliding within this single form.

The warring aspects within this Chaos were finally separated by a natural force, a higher spirit which now exists as the Wind and Air. The lighter elements began to ascend above the Air - the sun and fiery stars took their places in the heavens and the weightless moon was pushed up by currents of gusting Wind. The earth fell below, carried by its own weight, and the sea sank deep in its embrace, stretching its arms around every shore.

The remaining Chaos, for not all its strife was resolved at once, still separates into its parts today. Fire within and upon the earth reaches up to join its companions above the clouds, and the waters held above the Sky fall in showers and sink through the earth. In this way, the Transformation continues and is witnessed by the inhabitants of the world.

No sooner was the world separated in this way, the Air did breathe life into each element. The waters were filled with fishes, the earth afforded home to wild beasts, and the skies supported winged creatures of all form. Even above did the Wind spirit instil life, setting the sun and moon in motion and arranging the stars into constellations not unlike the animals that lived below.

There was yet no creature to look upon the mother Sky in wonder and recognition of Her gift. The heavenly fires were blind by their own brightness and the animals that existed turned their heads towards the ground. And so, the Air and Wind brought life to new creatures that would stand erect and look into the Sky with wonder. To them was given the power to further mould the world and the duty to remember the powers whence their life had come.

The beginning was a golden age when mortals maintainted themeselves without laws or threat of punishment. There were no tablets carrying laws nor any judges to be feared. Not yet had any tree be cut nor metal fashioned into helms or swords. The earth itself, untouched by implements of mortals, granted all that was needed spontaniously. Mortals were content in this perpetual season of spring.

Time passed and this spring gave way to the other seasons. For the first time, the air grew cold and the higher lands became blanketed white with snow. Mortals began to seek shelter and some tilled the earth that the bounty of spring carry them throughout the year. Need gave birth to selfishness and greed, and strife gave meaning to fear.

The animals of the world changed in kind and began to turn on one another. For them, who knew nothing of the life-giving Sky, it was mearly a matter of survival. But mortals knew the way of the world and had ambition to shape it, as the Wind gave shape to Chaos. The Shamans of the Darumi learned to hear the Wind and the voices of living creatures that were carried upon Her.

The mother Sky, ever breathing life into the world and tearing Chaos into its elements, lead my people to understand Her works and continue them. And so the transformation continues, though the days of the Darumi are nearly at an end.