The Nazedha Fleet

In the early afternoon of the 6th of Khepary, a harrowing shriek and radiating green light set the southern horizon ablaze south of Enorian. Quickly responding to the scene, the citizens of the Beacon rushed to the shipyards as terrible, dark shapes pushed their way into out of the Beryl Sea and into their port with vile intent.

Hokra, an Arqeshi Priest pointed the citizens of Enorian towards the wreck of the Nazedha fleet not too far off the Enorian coast. He offered his skiff to the warriors of the Beacon and ferried them out to the ruined ships.

There, the people of Enorian did battle with insane Nazetu and their chaos monstrosities before things came to a head with a final confrontation against Kassik, the Beastmaster of Urmoc.

Yet, even with the desth of Kassik, a terrible presence remained looming within the holds of the ships and the monstrosities ebbed forth from the sea with renewed hunger. With Kassik's death and return of the monstrosities, it remains to be seen what fell power has a hold on the ghostly wreckage of the Nazedha fleet..