The Mhun's Freedom

On the 6th of Chakros, year 422, the subterranean Moghedu Territories were moved through a joint effort of the forces of Light and Spirit and the forces of Moghedu. While a two-pronged assault upon Bloodloch was in progress, Nesventesh, the Great Mhunna of Moghedu, the Sentaari, and the Daru collaborated in an attempt to shift Moghedu into Bloodloch in a potentially catastrophic blow to the City. Resisted by Mhun loyalists as well as Andharai Bahir'an, another claimant to the title of Great Mhunna, the attempt was disrupted, and Nesventesh was forced to flee Bloodloch, instead moving Moghedu into the Siroccian mountains. The Great Mhunna perished in the attempt, later rising as a demigod, and the Mhun, after returning home, asserted their independence in a series of skirmishes with Bloodloch's warriors.