The Godwar of the Year 100

by Sister Imperia, Priestess of Artifice

It is said that history is written by the winners, and thus I shall attempt to document the routing of the other Gods by the hands of My Lord Severn, Khepri, and Niuri. May their magnificence be heralded throughout the ages.

Sister Imperia

The events leading up to the war were typical mortal positioning. Varian asked a simple question: Which of the Gods had the most devoted followers. If the buffoons simply stopped lying and actually admitted that it is clear that the Artificer had the most dedicated Order, none of the war would have happened. The other Gods, therefore, brought it upon themselves.

Most of the Gods started out the war by defending their own. Shields of essence sprung up around them while their followers gathered essence for their patrons. Only the Lord of Fire, the Hunter and the Artificer dared outrightly attack the others. Both Rahn and Haern went after Slyphe, bringing the heavens to attack her Immortal form. Severn, on the other hand, stood back in the shadows, and quietly tapped part of the essence that Haern's followers had been earning him.

The other Gods followed Severn. Rahn quickly tapped the essence of Khepri as did Haern who was already flailing with low essence. Lleis, cautious as ever, put even more defences around Herself, and Khepri did as well. Niuri, with a vengeance unseen, went after Slyphe.

But the Lady of Storms was still aghast at the actions of Her copatron of Duiran. She quickly summoned a swarm of steel to weaken the Hunter. Rahn, seeing His chance, attempted to finish Haern off, but ended up merely weakening Him. Finally, our triumphant Severn put the finishing touches on Haern, and banished Him to non-existence.

The group next had their eye on the extremely well protected Lleis, who was silenting amassing Her own strength to defeat one of them. Although She held up well, She could not stand the combined strength of Slyphe, Khepri, Rahn and Severn.

By now, Severn had made alliances with nearly all the remaining Gods except for Rahn. Growing tired of His sister Slyphe, He turned His alliance with Khepri against Slyphe, whom Niuri had already been weakening. It was now clear there was a firm alliance between Niuri, Khepri, and Severn, masterminded by the Lord of Artifice Himself.

Slyphe fell easily, though not before being deeply wounded by the treachery of Her brother. Only Rahn remained against the Alliance of the Three, and He too fell away by the hand of Lord Severn.

Hail Lord Severn, for His mind works in ways unknown and His power is unrivaled by the other Gods.