The Ascendril's Dawn

After several decades, the leylines beneath the Ascendril guildhall gave way to the flow of magic that was channeled above them and exploded in a dazzling display of unbridled energy. As the Ascendril leadership drew towards the smoldering ruins of the guildhall, they found themselves staring into a vortex of elemental power that churned endlessly. Eld drift through the vortex now, steadily drawing power from the collapsed leyline and growing ever in number. The Ascendril quickly established themselves in the Beacon of Light in a great tower known as the Hall of Elements, led by their guardian and tutor, Iernos. It is uncertain as to the power of Iernos, the Eidolon of Spirit or as to what shall happen with the churning vortex that now rages in the depths of the Putorans.