The Alaqsii Inlet!

In the early morning of late Haernos, Elder Naartok of the Indyuk tribe within Nuunva presided over the tremendous dig that had begun in months past. In a roar of sound, the tribesmen and women were buried in a catastrophic avalanche as they dug far too deep into the mountainous crevasse in their attempt to find passage into the Alaqsii Inlet. As snow and rock filled the tunnel, Elder Naartok rushed to send forth news of his plight and much of Sapience hastened forth to aid the tribe as they did in past years. The collapsing rock and snow claimed more lives as the Indyuk warriors dug to free the trapped survivors. After several hours of excavation, the last of the survivors clambered free of the ice-shod tomb and the way was clear into the Alaqsii Inlet.