Tainhelm Gifts

Freed from their terrible oppression under Bloodloch's cruel reign, the villagers of Tainhelm have stepped forth to show their appreciation for the efforts put forth from members of the Paladins Guild. Under the initiative of their Mayor, the Dwarves began to turn in their heartfelt letters, thanking the Paladins for their part in liberating the village for Enorian and the Light, with special mentions made to Knight-Marshall Edhain de Verdigris. Presented within a letter satchel, several other gifts followed, ranging from the village children's handmade pinwheels to the specially forged pendants that seek to serve as a testament to the selflessness of each individual who participated in the war. Finally, with a little assistance from the Paladins themselves, Gwenil, the Dwarven Blacksmith forged the Guild a new Ceremonial Sword that properly embodies their new Principles, that of fighting with Conviction and Mercy, as well as for Truth.