Skychase and Grand Discovery: Albedos!

Resistance fighters watched as Marzpawn Zorusthi destroyed the Needle of Balance from his airship, triggering a massive explosion that sent the city of Ashtan sinking into the sea. As the airship fled the continent, it dropped an explosive that spread a sticky purple scum over the Aalen Forest, but this diversion provided just enough time for the Resistance to commandeer the last remaining Dreikathi airship, and with a Tarpen pilot brainwashed by the Order of the Artificer, began an aerial pursuit of Zorusthi! Across the entire continent they flew, then the eastern ocean, before finally being shot down by the airship they chased. After recovering from their fall, the fighters found themselves on the shore of a new continent, Albedos. Met by officials from the last free city on the continent, Delve, they were briefed in the foreigner's tongue before being granted free passage into the city.