Silverain Bridges

Recently, Rivas Silverain hired a group of Trolls to build a series of bridges dubbed the \Silverain Bridges\ across the chasm that was once the Raphaelan Highway. However, one obstacle awaited them - the massive corpse of the Kerrithrim blocking the cliff face near Delos. Thus, Rivas strapped the cliff edge with explosive boomsticks, which he hired the Pyrotechnic Ferlbo to invent. Attaching the remaining boomsticks to his person, along with several explosive sigils, Rivas focused on his Inner Spark to force himself to explode in a fiery conflagration that set off all the explosives. With large chunks of the cliff face blown away, the earth near it became unstable and began to fall off into the chasm. Slowly, the Kerrithrim corpse began to slide towards the edge, carried by its own massive weight. A massive path was created by its bulk as it slid over the edge. As mortals investigated, they found a surprisingly large set of mysterious double-doors. However, when they tried investigating, the door responded violently as energy on a divine level incinerated all who did not heed its warning.