Sickness in the Aalen

Tsol'aa residents of the Aalen forest met a mysterious purple sludge raining from the sky during the airship chase from Sapience to the continent of Albedos. Now, only a short time later, many Tsol'aa have found themselves horribly mutated and diseased, corrupted by the sludge's influence. After Indiana witnessed their plight and reported the grim news to his peers, those uninfected in the village came together with Moirean, Jhoira, Sibatti, Edhain and others to decide their fates and strike plans for the future. The frightened party, Moirean and King Tu'eras in the lead, cast off for the Heartwood to make a safe home away from the influence of the sludge. Those few living infected remain in its poisonous presence, their futures uncertain.