Shadowy proceedings

After a long wait for Nevithor, the Sciomancers' tutor, to re-establish contact with the Guild, strong tugs from their elemental channels called the Shadow Mages to their damaged Master Crystal. What seemed to be a cause for celebration - for the Master Crystal has healed its crack - turned into a cause for concern, as the mass of swirling darkness within the Crystal Garden began to churn and expand its presence around the Guildhall. Deep within the core of the darkness danced insubstantial figments, where a soft feminine laughter echoed. To add on to the worrying proceedings, yet meant to reassure the Sciomancers, the shade of Nevithor was summoned forth by Niuri, the Ultraist. Nevithor spoke gravely of a powerful, \foreign\ being who came to him as he sought to communicate with the Guild, and how he could feel its malevolence and pure power. However, before he could finish his recounting, Nevithor vanished. Who was he referring to, and what exists within the growing mass of darkness? These are shadowy proceedings, indeed.