Success in politics is considered by some to be among the greatest achievements possible. Signifying the respect of your fellow mortals, it offers one an increased level of power over and responsibility for the members of whatever organization you hold a position of power in. It is no coincidence that every mortal who has Ascended has led one of the great cities.

Broadly, positions in governing bodies fall into three categories:

1) Elected representatives

Examples of these positions are guildmasters, city-state ruling councils (Archons, Viziers, etc.) and the leader of democratic clans. 

Qualified members of the organization vote and can contest the leadership in elections.

2) Bureaucrats

These are people appointed by the leaders of organizations. Examples are guild secretaries, and the headers of the various city Ministries, as well as the aides to those Ministries (War, Security, Chancellory, etc.)

3) Autocrats

These are people whose positions cannot be contested. They include the heads of non-democratic clans, and the heads of Orders, who may only be appointed by a God, and whose position cannot be challenge by other mortals.

For more extensive information on politics, see the help files.