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Corruption! Booze! Drugs! Love! Gambling! All of this and more is for sale in the colony of Huanazedha, recently conquered and opened to Sapience by the efforts of the Nazedha tribe Urrop. Watch your step, and make sure not to anger the town's euscuchian guards, a hitherto unknown kind of lycanthrope that is half man and half crocodile.

IRE Jackpot Lottery

Every week, Iron Realms will be running a credit lottery shared across its games!

The lottery has a pot of 5,000 credits and if no winner is drawn for that week, then the prize will carry over to the next week, bringing that week's pot to 10,000 credits! Imagine what you could do with that many credits!

The full details can be found in HELP CREDIT LOTTERY, which you can read on our website at:

Strange fruits of the Great Oak

In Midsummer, the canopy of the Ancient Heartwood was lit up with an unusually bright phenomena of Dendaric energy, rippling across the firmament. Bright green globes fell from the Great Oak's boughs, leaving trails of shimmering energy in their wake and depositing strange, glowing fruit on the forest floor.

Artisanal and Bardic results

The Artisanal and Bardic results for April and May have been announced! Tolemy and Ariadne were the winners for the Bardics, with Konnorn and Irea winning the Artisanals. View their winning entries on our website at:

The Horrors of the Abyss

The Carnifex completed a months-long campaign of slaughter today, feeding the dead to a gateway of stone in the hopes of opening a way into the Underhalls, there to pursue vengeance against Dhar. Instead, they were greeted with a horrifying manifestation of the Abyss, and only a bloody fight kept it at bay long enough for the Commander, Moirean, to seal the rift, sacrificing an arm in the process.

The Third Epicurean

The third Iron Epicurean cooking challenge featured a special twist. The red dragon of Polyargos, Yudhishthira, made a surprise appearance as its guest judge, challenging the competitors to impress his formidable palate with the best buffalo dish they could create! As a newcomer to the competition, Moirean earned the prestigious title of Iron Epicurean this round, with her delectable buffalo burger!

March Artisanal and Bardics

The results for March's Artisanal and Bardic contest is out! Seir was the winner for the Bardics and Konnorn was the winner fro the Artisanals. Check out their winning entries and the rest of the month's submissions at

The Pious Wards

Emissaries from the Free City of Delve on the Albedos continent visited the cities of Aetolia, inviting players to visit the Pious Wards - the religious section of their city. They announced the Celebration of the Stars will begin in the near future, promising plenty of events and prizes throughout it. Furthermore, NPCs in the Pious Wards utilize a new dialogue system aimed at facilitating more in-depth player/mobile interactions!

The Ale Run

Thousands of Dwarves gathered in spontaneous celebration, drinking a way only Dwarves could. As if on cue to the Howling, the Dwarves spilled out across the continent, signaling the start of the Ale Run. Players hurried to seek out the Dwarven revelers, partaking in their drinks and accumulating points to determine which of them had the most tolerant liver. Eventually it was Aarbrok Lunare who stood triumphant, her fortitude proving equal to the Dwarves.

The Delosian Duel of 385 MA

Seventeen combatants rushed to meet the call of the great Delosian Duel, where they fought boldly in controlled one-on-one bouts in an attempt to be the last one standing. The combat intensified throughout grueling hours until at last, Illidan, the survivor of five single combat challenges against worthy opponents, stood tall as the victor and claimed the Rapier of the Master Duelist. Each participant was offered an invitation to the Sect of Blades for the courage they displayed in the match.

The Underking's Vengean

On the first of Severin, 385 MA, The Underking took vengeance for His Sister's corruption of Enorian. Leading of a charge of zealous Enorianites, the Lord of Death was able to temporarily send Lady Chakrasul into the Abyss, giving Enorian enough time to light the Fortress of Despair ablaze. Breaking free of Her imprisonment, Chakrasul quickly ejected the invaders from Her Fortress, and Her Order now looks to repair the damage and losses suffered. What will the future hold for this new found conflict between the Underking and the Goddess of Corruption?

The Return of Corruption

With a violent clash within the Dun Fortress the Lady of Corruption, Chakrasul emerged once again to claim Her throne within Tiyen Indoron. Through manipulation of the citizens of Enorian, the Goddess of Corruption was able to deliver a blow to the Nazedha, while beginning the creation of Her army. With Enorian feeling the burn of corruption running through its streets and an army in the midst of creation, who can tell what the future will bring?

The Second Iron Epicurean

The second Iron Epicurean contest was held in Aetolia today, with many chefs turning out to compete! Participants spent the first part of the contest trying to catch pigs in a muddy field to determine their main ingredients. The contest concluded with Eleanor taking home the winner's hat for the second time in a row, with Dalton's dish getting an honourable mention!

The Winner of the Brawl

The Fifth Delos Grand Brawl was held today, with many combatants turning out for it. There was fierce competition, and even a dark horse in the form of Meltas, who managed to singlehandedly topple the mighty Daskalos. In the end, only one could stand as the Champion. Valingar took home the Champion's Crown for a second time, after leaving Tina in the dust.

The Sect's Arena

The Sect of Blades unveiled its new 1v1 arena today! Combatants will adopt new personas while in this arena, preserving their anonymity within the Sect. Full details can be found at:

The Fifth Delos Brawl

Teneric, the administrator of Delos announced the fifth Delos Brawl today. The Brawl is set to be held on 3rd of Arios, 383 MA around the time of the Howling. In the real world that corresponds to midnight on the 9th of February, in GMT time. See you there!

The Sect Reborn

The Sect of Blades have reunited their membership and rebuilt their hall, determined to create a new order where warriors are united by their courage, their fortitude, and their honor. United by a common cause, the members of the Sect live and die in the pursuit of honorable combat. Located in Delos, the Hall of Blades awaits warriors of all ages and sizes to test themselves, and prove themselves worthy of walking among the ranks of the dueling elite. Grab your curatives (or popcorn, if you're just going to watch) and let the bloodshed commence!

Heartwood Revelry

On the anniversary of the Resurgence, the fey denizens of the Heartwood gathered deep within the ancient wood for a celebration, honoring the sacrifices and service of Eleusians past. Music, revelry, and sacred offerings will last throughout the winter months, ending in a ceremonial changing of the guard.

The Iron Epicurean

The first Iron Epicurean of Sapience was held this month, hosted by Felix, the Gourmand and his assistant chefs. Nearly a dozen aspiring chefs gathered to showcase their skills and creativity in throwing together a dish worthy of the Gourmand's approval! Eleanor was the first to win the prestigious Iron Epicurean title, and will hold it until the next Epicurean is held.

Teradrim Revamp

The armies of Grumagh, Warlord of the Devourer terrorized the populace of Aetolia today, culminating in the release of the revamped Teradrim class. As the God Ivoln returned from Azvosh, the Earthen Plane, He led the Teradrim and citizens of Bloodloch in a fierce battle against Grumagh. Through their combined efforts, Grumagh was toppled, and imprisoned once more. Venturing into the Pillars of the Earth, Ivoln brought the Earthcallers under His command once more.

The Earth Hungers

Perilous earthquakes have gripped the lands of Aetolia, each stronger than the last. Danger lurks in the dark places of the earth! As the quakes continue, the whole of Aetolia plunges ever closer to a dangerous precipe--what does this herald for the Teradrim of Bloodloch, so-called masters of the earth?

The Underhive

Dilligent work in the caverns beneath Stormcaller Crag yielded fine results today, as the Trolls of the Research Society broke into a long-abandoned Ankyrean facility. The horrors that lurk in the gas-flooded ruins below have yet to be revealed, but the salvage market is booming!

Return of Iosyne

Dark powers were at work recently in the sunken castle of Azdun, where the Demon Spider Queen and her trusted servant Lachesis worked to restore the essence of the Goddess Iosyne back into a mortal shell. Using her shadow power, Llazuth offered up the Mistress of Spiders as a shell for the former Muse, restoring Her to form in exchange for Her cooperation in destroying the Spider Queen's hated rival, Zsarachnor. Calling Herself the Malevolent, Iosyne has emerged from Her underground home ready to carry out Her animosity and vengeance.

The Trolls of Stormcaller Crag

Two high-standing members of the Order of Maghak were approached today by Trolls of Stormcaller Crag, who informed the pair of Dhasani about developments around the ancient tower. The establishment of an independent Troll settlement, and the commencement of archaological digging, promises to reveal much about the Ankyreans that once resided on, and beneath, the desolate, blasted coast.

The fall of Iosyne

Ending their Epochs-long feud, Omei, with the assistance of Her Brother Maghak, slew Iosyne today.