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Light Rarities of Excellence Auction Results

Written by: Mischievous Meriana Silverain, Elievie fio Ciehia
Date: Wednesday, January 20th, 2021
Addressed to: Everyone


With the coming of the new year, the Auction is over!! Those who won the highest bids will have 7 weeks to send their gold to me before the bid goes to the next highest bidder. After the gold is received a message will be sent to the winning bidder and the one who had their times/services bid upon at which point the winning bidders will need to get with the one they won the auction for to schedule the gathering, date, and, in the case of items, discuss the items and when they will be delivered.

1) Have a gathering of your choice held with food, decorations, and other wonders supplied. (You will get to work with Meri on it.)--Oriana for 100k
2) Rihrin for a date and picnic.--Roux for 320k
3) Meri for a date.--Sryaen for 300k
4) Isia for an evening of playing games and eating chocolates in cute matching pajamas.- -Kalena and Rhine for 290k from an anonymous donor
5) Roux for a date and/or a custom design.--Sryaen for 1 million
6) Kaiara for time and skills and a token for some other time.--Sryaen for 100k
7) Rosdes for a full quota of mists to the highest bidder.--Vahellion for 100k
8) Aisling for a custom design in most any craft.--Rihrin for 100k
9) Rasani for brewing, cooking, or forging, or a date.--Tetchta for 2 million
10) Sryaen for a lot of stories to tell, a date, a hunting or exploring. Is an Aetolian Ranger.--Rihrin for 700k

Congratulations to all those who bid!

*signed in dwarven script is "Meri"*

Penned by my hand on Tisday, the 2nd of Variach, in the year 493 MA.

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