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Public News Post #6325


Written by: Chief Engineer, Tuisto
Date: Monday, February 10th, 2020
Addressed to: Everyone

The tumbling nature of Time, can at times, seem constant and unyielding. Unbroken, as it charts it's path through the fabric of our reality that we as mortals are bound to. All are tethered to it's aspects, and we all find our roles to play within it.

Despite the unbreakable nature of Time, we as inhabitants of Sapience, find ourselves cast adrift, unable to properly look backwards into it's hollowed depths, instead, destined to grab purchase onto whatever feels the most stable and tangible of handles, our souls wrapped in Midnight, and all the work of our ancestors, from the broken past beyond the Grand Artifice, forever lost upon our need to reflect on a time when our predecessors clawed their way out of prehistory, to gaze upon a world created for us to express our sentience, and to wield it in the multiplicity that is the hallmark of what it means to be Mortal.

Regardless of how bleak, and dangerous, the Age of Midnight is, and the effect it has on our collective consciousness as we attempt to give meaning to our individual means of existence, we find ourselves, by accident, or the design of Fate, in a unique position, to circumvent the fragmented nature of our situation, by casting the gaze of our psyches, upon an unusual, if numerous, multitude of entities. These entities, being the Gods of Sapience.

Unique, indeed, are these beings of incredible power. And unique, indeed, are the means and ways in which we find ourselves attaching the substance of our souls, minds, and physical forms, to them. In binding ourselves to the divine aspect of their existence, through whatever methods of worship they require, or favor among us, we indirectly, find stability, in the roaring rapids of Time, finding for ourselves, the most stable, and rewarding type of stability. The purchase that we all grasp for, for one reason, or another.

Small, we as mortals, find ourselves, in an Age that cares nothing for us, and in extreme, wishes for our complete extinction, through either calamity and tragedy, or by the violent, terrified behavior that we wrought upon one another.

But smaller, still, are the nature of our lives. Barely rendering themselves visible within the ether, but regardless, still important, by fact that we exist in the first place.

The Gods, being as powerful, and great, as They all are, in Their own ways, see how small we are, and how insignificant we are. But despite this, by right of our existence alone, They also see that from all the beings to walk under the face of Midnight, that we hold great promise, and through worship, and veneration, which we heap upon them, allow us to recognize this truth.

Being great constants within the nature of our reality, They have found themselves turned into conduits, for our small, but unique, souls. Giving us direction, and purpose, that far outweighs the broken nature of our great past as mortals, and that, in it's own manner, allows us to look forward, to an Age beyond Midnight.

Though many have taken to following their own Divine being, for their own reasons, I find myself writing upon this parchment, with a ponderous mind, and with genuine intent - The purpose being to illuminate the nature of the Dragon. The great Sun-Drinker. She Who Hungers. Tanixalthas.

Many who shun Her presence, or Her designs, largely do so through methods of ignorance, wholly justified, in the absence of truly knowing, what She is, and what She offers us. Opinions and observations, rendered in their own ways, by a people, that know no better.

Far from being the picture of a towering monster, fit only for hoarding plunder and bringing the nature of mortals to tremble under Her shadow, the reality is actually far from it.

Her Laws, being as close to divine tenets as She has, if compared to other deities, exemplify a very organic, and natural means of spiritual fulfillment. Far from preying on aspects of our psyches, like several other Divine, and far from being charged with a certain mission, or role, like certain other Divine, Tanixalthas, through no design save Her own, upon waking to find Sapience crawling with sentience, gave us Her Laws.

The Laws, reflect the nature of the Dragon itself, and embody, truly, what it is, to be a Dragon. Far removed from the paltry ways and means that we attempt to wield in an attempt to give our lives meaning, to give us substance in this Age of Midnight, She is in fact, far from being a monster, wanting only to prey on us.

There was a time, when She was one of the most prevalent constants in the Realm. Far, far back, before the Grand Artifice. Before Ankyreans walked the face of Sapience. The Age of Dragons. Glorious, and fitting, for beings such as us, small, though we are, to exist under.

But the wheel of time is unyielding, and this Age passed into history. Lost, for us only to look back upon, and wonder, what it is, that we lost.

For those who wish to find a way out of Midnight, not just for themselves, but for all mortals, I say the following - I, and my fellow brethren, wait for you, under Her shadow, to push this era out of Midnight, and into a new Age of Dragons.

We are waiting for you, and you will not find yourself lacking for purpose.

Penned by my hand on Closday, the 6th of Severin, in the year 486 MA.

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