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Public News Post #6249

The Sky Sees Your Arrogance

Written by: Talon Vyxsis Qizzeke, the Ashen Tower
Date: Monday, March 11th, 2019
Addressed to: Everyone

Morsels of Sapience,

Some few of you believe yourselves allies - or more bafflingly, members - of the Mitrine 'Anandhaz' that yet lingers in the scrublands of Liruma. These weak fools who worship an air spirit of Albedos, who were soundly beaten back from their lands by an upstart empire of snakes and rats - you still defend and aid them? Have you learned nothing?

Perhaps some of you have. Others, however, persist in foolishness and belligerence.

Some few weeks ago, one of the Sun-Drinker's shrines was defiled and destroyed. This particular shrine was placed at the Mitrine's stone before the war began, standing throughout the war and after as a reminder that the Air is rightfully under the dominion of the Star of Midwinter. Yet now, one of you struggles against Her, stealing the essence which is Hers, and all in a show of preference for Albedi offal? It is the very height of disrespect.

I have replaced the shrine, and as a warning, I have slaughtered every last person within the Mitrine village, regardless of whether they were elder, warrior, or child.

You will be made to atone, as well. Throw yourself before the Sky Dreaming, render tribute, beg forgiveness, and it is possible you may be spared. Possible, I say, for She will then decide your fate. If I learn your identity before then, or if you repeat your disrespect, I will extract your payment from the still-warm heap of your broken body.

Remember: my word is my bond, in accordance with the Dragon's Laws.

Vyxsis Qizzeke
Talon of Dragon-kin

Penned by my hand on Quensday, the 19th of Chakros, in the year 479 MA.

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