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Public News Post #6244

Esterport Lease Shops

Written by: Zhamakela Ermoki, Magistrate of Esterport
Date: Monday, January 7th, 2019
Addressed to: Everyone

Once more, the Esterport lease shops are up for auction! Check AUCTION WARES CONTRACT and read HELP AUCTION for information how to bid.

Should you win the contract, you will gain ownership over the specific shop for thirty Aetolian months (ten seasons), starting from the moment the auction is won. After this time, the shop will be automatically repossessed and put up for auction again.

Current owners can bid in the auction for their shop again, and should they win the status quo will remain and nothing with the shop will change. If the owner does not win the auction, then anything in the shop's stockroom and cache will be placed in the owner's inventory upon the auction ending.

Unlike other Esterport shops, these shops are not subject to any yearly taxes, which can be considered as part of the lease cost. Owners will be able to change the shop's description/title as they see fit utilizing the methods listed under HELP BUILDINGS.

It is not possible to extend your thirty month lease in any way, but you can of course bid in the auction when it comes up again. If you have the leading bid in one of these contracts, it is impossible for you to bid on any of the other contracts. Once the shop is in your name, it is also impossible to transfer it to another person (although ally privs are still possible).

This notice was posted on the 16th of Severin, in the year 478 MA.

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