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Events News Post #259

The price of freedom

Written by: Anonymous
Date: Saturday, November 7th, 2020
Addressed to: Everyone

After a misadventure involving the noble Sir Cluck and a cat, the Templar of Enorian became aware of an individual only known by Trev. Desperate to save his enslaved daughter, he offered rare and exotic goods in return for her safety. Turning down any form of a trade deal and following the Templar Ethos, Lady Kalena and Sir Aisling brought Trev to the Guild Hall to let the man rest and learn more about the situation.

Discovering that underground slave trade was occurring under Esterport, Trev produced a token that would ensure safe passage into the heart of the black market. Though only having one, he set off to acquire another while the Templars devised a plan and backstories to blend into the new surroundings. Those gathered included the Pentarch Benedicto, Lady Eoros, Sir Stine, Lord Drystin, Sir Saybre, Lady Kalena and Sir Aisling. It was decided that the ones who found Trev would be the ones to go down, with Lady Kalena acting as the buyer and Sir Aisling her bodyguard.

Upon his return back, the chosen knights made their way to Esterport, flashing their tokens and being brought below forcibly with bags over their heads as they were shoved down twisting alleys and tunnels. Using their wits and outsmarting those who sought to bring them harm, Aisling and Kalena was successful not only in finding that Trev's daughter, Melissa, was alive, but arranged for her freedom and transportation in return for another slave to take her place.

Not a week later, Sir Aisling was made aware of Melissa's arrival. Garbing himself once more in his disguise, he arrived at the agreed-upon destination with Melissa battered and bruised in chains before him. A cloaked Rajamala man held her chains, making a passing comment as he recognized the Knight as one of the Templar just as Lady Kalena stepped in. Throwing the chain of ownership to Sir Aisling, the man disappeared leaving the two knights with the freed slave.

Getting Melissa to safety was the priority, housing her in the Guild Hall while the Templars discussed how the cloaked man knew who they were. Soon after, the scream of a weasel-faced man echoed across Sapience, recognizable to Lady Kalena and Sir Aisling as the man who established the trade deal deep within the black market. Alerted to a hooded man's presence lingering outside of the Landward Gate, Enorian gathered outside to find the Rajamala with a bloodied parcel in hand. Attempting to use it as a peace offering, he was chased off, dropping his parcel in the process while Sir Sryaen and Lady Kalena pursued him relentlessly, losing him in the crowds of Esterport.

When the parcel was eventually opened, the head of the weasel-faced man was found inside with the written promise that the black market shall suffer no further mistakes and that they will not be seen again for a very long time.

Penned by my hand on Tisday, the 8th of Midsummer, in the year 491 MA.
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