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Changelog News Posts: 1820-1781

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1820Nov 16th, 2020Infinite Tradeins Made FiniteAdministrator AlectoEveryone
1819Nov 2nd, 2020Design listKeroc, the StarbornEveryone
1818Nov 2nd, 2020CraftingKeroc, the StarbornEveryone
1817Oct 24th, 2020IdeasRazmael, the SynthesistEveryone
1816Oct 9th, 2020Clan MembershipKeroc, the StarbornEveryone
1815Oct 8th, 2020ClansKeroc, the StarbornEveryone
1814Oct 6th, 2020Bug fixingAdministrator TisiphoneEveryone
1813Oct 2nd, 2020Tweaks and fixesNalus the LiaisonEveryone
1812Sep 11th, 2020Org BuffsTiur, the GnosisEveryone
1811Sep 1st, 2020Monochrome FixTiur, the GnosisEveryone
1810Sep 1st, 2020EmotesKeroc, the StarbornEveryone
1809Aug 31st, 2020flairTiur, the GnosisEveryone
1808Aug 10th, 2020Morgun ForestKeroc, the StarbornEveryone
1807Jul 17th, 2020WoodloreKeroc, the StarbornEveryone
1806Jul 15th, 2020Tell quote marksRazmael, the SynthesistEveryone
1805Jul 14th, 2020Filter classlead reports by classRazmael, the SynthesistEveryone
1804Jul 12th, 2020Firstaid Gloom handlingRazmael, the SynthesistEveryone
1803Jul 10th, 2020Orgreq UpgradesTiur, the GnosisEveryone
1802Jul 10th, 2020Preview emoteRazmael, the SynthesistEveryone
1801Jul 3rd, 2020Ylemnics additionsCeraenEveryone
1800Jul 1st, 2020Ylemnics changesCeraenEveryone
1799Jun 30th, 2020Report 2788Keroc, the StarbornEveryone
1798Jun 28th, 2020Ylemnics MXP overhaulCeraenEveryone
1797Jun 28th, 2020Ylemnics thingsCeraenEveryone
1796Jun 24th, 2020Spammy productionRazmael, the SynthesistEveryone
1795Jun 22nd, 2020Final tweaks before classleadsKeroc, the StarbornEveryone
1794Jun 21st, 2020Mana lossKeroc, the StarbornEveryone
1793Jun 19th, 2020Damage ChangeKeroc, the StarbornEveryone
1792Jun 14th, 2020Bug fixes & TweaksKeroc, the StarbornEveryone
1791Jun 12th, 2020Crystal TattooKeroc, the StarbornEveryone
1790Jun 12th, 2020QueuesKeroc, the StarbornEveryone
1789Jun 6th, 2020ShopsKeroc, the StarbornEveryone
1788Jun 5th, 2020ShopsKeroc, the StarbornEveryone
1787Jun 4th, 2020City ShopsKeroc, the StarbornEveryone
1786Jun 3rd, 2020RoleplayKeroc, the StarbornEveryone
1785Jun 2nd, 2020FurorKeroc, the StarbornEveryone
1784Jun 2nd, 2020Both shall sufferKeroc, the StarbornEveryone
1783Jun 1st, 2020Couple more small tweaksKeroc, the StarbornEveryone
1782May 31st, 2020More combat tweaksKeroc, the StarbornEveryone
1781May 30th, 2020Farm growthRazmael, the SynthesistEveryone

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