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Announce News Post #3133

September 2020

Written by: Tiur, the Gnosis
Date: Tuesday, September 1st, 2020
Addressed to: Everyone

This month we bring you a favorite of mine, Giftbags!

Normal giftbags come 1 for every 25 credits purchased during the month of September.
There will also be a giftbag in the Milestone wares. (As always, if you can't see it or it shows as bought, give me day or two to fix)

The first 100 credits comes with an extra giftbag for every 10 credits! That means buying 100 credits gets you 14 giftbags straight off the bat!

Again, we're mixing old with new in the way of minipets. And a new tradition, the Shadow minipet list is expanded to... two!

And the monochrome giftbag persists! You may trade 5 giftbags in with EXCHANGE to get a monochrome giftbag. This bag is like the normal one... except that, when opened, everyone in the room with you opens one too! So, make sure you're in the room with more than 5 people and it's instantly awesome. There's another we're pondering for later, depending on the reception of this one.

Each color has a theme you might be able to guess. Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Orange, Violet, and Gold. Nearly everything in each colored giftbag drops from the normal giftbag, but at a lower rate (because there's more to choose from!)

NOTE: Gold is special, and requires 5 unopened giftbags to make 1.
NOTE: Monochrome is special, and required 5 unopened giftbags to make 1.

Normal Giftbag
A variety of artifacts ranging in value from 50 to 500
Relics - sharkteeth, dissonance, cattongue, flair_clumsy
Minipets - All pets in other bags except shadow
Sapience Talisman pieces
Always an iron coin or org buff
Vox - Enveloping

Monochrome Giftbag
Just like normal, PLUS
Minipet - a bright-eyed sylskin (plant) *NEWish*
Minipet - a shadowbound butterfly (shadow)

Red Giftbag
All minipet rolls result in - a snow petrel(avian)
Mint chocolate exchanged for white
Enemy_Expand, Ally_Expand, Hunters_Boon Level 2, Darkness
Compendium pages exchanged for warpaint
Vox - amplifying

Blue Giftbag
All minipet rolls result in - a snowy, big-eared rabbit (mammal)
All the chocolates are mint!
Hunting Boon tokens
More Compendium Pages
More Style Scrolls
Lower odds for big artifacts
vox - enriching

Yellow Giftbag
All minipet rolls result in - a venomous lizard (reptile)
Stockroom_expand Level 3, extra_shelves level 1, tipjar
More Style Scrolls
vox - simplistic

Green Giftbag
All minipet rolls result in - an ethereal butterfly (spirit) *NEW*
vox - bewitching

Violet Giftbag
All minipet rolls result in - a foul creature of stitched parts (undead) *NEW*
Skullmask more likely
(Look for more on the refresh!)
vox - arcane

Orange Giftbag
All minipet rolls result in - a large spider cricket (insect)
Mint chocolate exchanged for fudge. Mmmm, fudge.
Salt, Toolboost Level 3, Listen_Painting, All sorts of tradeskill_boon
vox - convective

Gold Giftbag
No junk. Minimum value is higher than 5 giftbags separately, and all things that are more boring
have been removed.
Also has Divine Phylactery pieces and EXTREMELY RARELY, salvage


Penned by my hand on Gosday, the 4th of Ios, in the year 490 MA.
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