Kazael the Syssin

After a violent quake shook the catacombs of Spinesreach, Trask Dufrane discovered the remains of a long dead Syssin defender in a chamber revealed by the tremors. As people gathered, the distraught ghost of the Syssin, Kazael, appeared and revealed he was from the time of the Ankyreans. Branded a traitor to the Syssin due to actions he performed under Yrtez's control, he revealed it was his own mentor who slew him. The Syssin guild and others started looking for Kazael's journal, which contained stolen information from Yrtez and the evidence that he was not, in fact, a traitor to the guild. Eventually, a monk from the Grand Aetolian Library heard of their search, informing them that the book was stored in his library. However, upon retrieving the journal, it was revealed to be a blank - a clever illusion placed upon it by Kazael before his demise. Eventually, the Syssin Adelpha came across an ancient Syssin on the Isle of Polyargos called Lemaen, who turned out to be Kazael's mentor. He confirmed Kazael not being a traitor, and is now beginning work on translating his journal.