Horror Egg

A monk by the name of Maeka Rhashye excavated what appeared to be a fossilized egg from Tarissa's dig site today. The egg began moving soon after its discovery, and Maeka accidentally dropped it, causing it to roll away. It was later found by a Syssin called Ishin Cardinalis. Ishin took the egg back to his home city of Spinesreach, where it was soon acquired by the mage Kikon Corona. Not long after, the egg began hatching to reveal a tentacled mass of horror - the charahas - which quickly claimed Kikon as its first victim. A unique creature never before seen in Aetolia, the charahas infected mortals with a parasitic infestation that eventually kills the mortal and spawns a new charahas. The spread was quick, and soon every city had a pack of charahas roaming about. At last, a cure for the infestation was found and Aetolians were able to fight back the creatures, destroying almost every single one.