Golbans, Ore, and Marriage?

Earlier this month members of Spinesreach were paid a visit by none other than Tuiln, leader of the Ashanti Resistance now stationed in the Port City of Delve. Tuiln had been contracted to reach out to his allies in an attempt to help Delve open up trade negotiations with a recently rediscovered settlement upon Mount Helba. The Helbans, a group of Golban miners, were unconvinced at the safety that Delve could provide their people. Villi Selannor, Nahasa Ryokus, and Kerryn and Sryaen Cardinalis set off for Albedos, to try and work their diplomatic skills on the settlers. After much back and forth, with some strong statements on the part of the Spireans, the Helban Chieftain, Muulin finally made an agreement. Trade would open once more between Delve and Helba, as well as Spinesreach agreed to send soldiers to help train and protect the Golbans in exchange for ore of their own. And in a bit of cunning haggling, Ard-Dhasani Sryaen secured a surplus of ore for the hand of Villi, sold to marriage to the Helban Chieftain.