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Events News Post #230

Origin of the Celebration of the Stars

Written by: Anonymous
Date: Thursday, December 7th, 2017
Addressed to: Everyone

As the Celebration of the Stars returned to Aetolia for the Year 470, Suresh Nalkari had this ancient Albedi legend to share with the people of Sapience:

Once, many millennia ago, when the spirits still graced our hearths and magic flowed through our lands, the night sky was both vast and empty.

The Eschaton Moon reigned over the darkness of the skies, the sole illumination amongst that field of black.

One day, amidst a time of great strife and warfare for our people, the sky shattered like glass. The Eschaton Moon split open, like a great iris in the sky turning its gaze downward.

Fire and destruction reigned down upon our land. Families were lost, the spirits of the hearth vanished and our Gods went forever silent. Ours was now a land of despair.

Yet in wake of this great disturbance, a new vista graced our skies as the moon's eye closed once more: The stars. By their grace, hope slowly returned to our ancestors and forever guided our path forward.

Penned by my hand on Tisday, the 17th of Ios, in the year 470 MA.

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