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Events News Post #171

The Destruction of Ulangi

Written by: Anonymous
Date: Wednesday, August 27th, 2014
Addressed to: Everyone

Following warnings earlier in the year from rebel elements within the
Hive, General Kr'tachi of the Horkval's plans for world destruction came
to unexpected fruition in late Ios. As the skies over Ulangi were torn
apart by violent white fire and the Effulgent Shout, a terrible psychic
weapon, began to charge, warriors of Enorian and Duiran intervened to
save the Beacon from oblivion.

With the assistance of Ial'aa'meeth, a Horkval maiden, the gates were
opened and the warriors stormed the depths of the hive, slaying the
defends of Kr'tachi. Deep below the mountain, they found him within his
enormous device, aided by a pair of strangers from the surface - Mr.
Veid and Mr. Isomann, last seen interfering in Mournhold. Tense talks
began, but violence blossomed swiftly, and it seemed no peace could be
achieved. Before talks could progress, the disastrous interference of
Meyvitch and Meltas with the Shout's focusing gem resulted in the
scourging of the entire island and the death of everyone on it, leaving
only a handful of creatures and vaste swathes of petrified forest in the
explosion's wake. Enorian had been spared the violence of the Effulgent
Shout - but the cost Kr'tachi demanded was the death of an island

Thankfully, the swift actions of Enorianite warriors earlier in the
crisis preserved the lives of both the Grook villagers and a breeding
pair of Ulangi Horkval, allowing both races a thread of hope for their
survival. With Ulangi reduced to a petrified monument to Kr'tachi's
hubris, it remains to be seen where these disparate peoples will find a
new home.

Penned by my hand on the 25th of Ios, in the year 428 MA.

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