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Announce News Post #356

The person behind Varian

Written by: Pericles
Date: Tuesday, September 6th, 2005
Addressed to: Everyone

Greetings, Aetolians.

You would know me as Matt Mihaly, the founder/head of Iron Realms and
Josh, the person behind Varian's, boss.

To keep it short, Josh will no longer be playing Varian or be involved
in Aetolia in any way whatsoever. Quite honestly, Aetolia has been the
source of more complaints than all the other Iron Realms games put
together, and has scored the lowest in player satisfaction in every set
of polls we've run over the years. It was finally enough for me, and so
I did what I had to do.

What's going to happen now? Jeremy Saunders, who runs Imperian, is going
to be providing high-level direction and re-organization for Aetolia.
Belakai will continue to work here and we hope that all of the great
Gods and Celani will also carry on. In the long run, Jeremy's
involvement will wean and a new producer will take over entirely, though
who that will be is yet to be determined.

To those of you who have complained over the years, I can only apologize
for taking so long to do this, but I'm sure you understand the gravity
of this decision. To those of you who are outraged about this, I also
apologize, and can only offer this: Nobody has a bigger stake in making
Aetolia the best game it can be than I do. I can assure you that I have
thought long and hard about this and that I firmly believe it is in the
best interest of Aetolia to let Josh go. And so, that is what had to be

We will be organizing one or possibly more meetings very soon at which
myself, Belakai, and Jeremy (god character name still to be chosen) will
be present. We may not have answers to all your questions, but we'll
probably have answers for some.

So, a new age dawns in Aetolia (with apologies to vampires). It will be
a glorious one.

Penned by my hand on the 20th of Ios, in the year 167 MA.

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