Artifact auction wares

Date: 1/20/2013 at 12:31
From: Razmael, the Synthesist
To : Everyone
Subj: Artifact auction wares

Here's the list of items that will be sold in the artifact auction! The
items will be listed on the AUCTION WARES command soon. You can refer to
HELP AUCTIONS for information on how the auction process works.

Remember, bidding on a gold auction artifact will instantly take the
gold from your inventory. Should you get outbid, the gold will
eventually be mailed back to you. Bidding on a credit auction will not
take the credits from you, and you can bid more credits than you
actually have. Should you win the auction, you will have a week in which
to procure the credits, otherwise your character will be shrubbed until
you can pay for the artifact.

Any bids placed are final! You cannot undo a bid, and you will be held
to the sale should you win.

*NOTE* Like the last auction, artifacts obtained via auction CANNOT be
traded in, nor can they have their powers transferred to another item.
This applies to both credit-bought artifacts, and gold-bought artifacts.


A merchant's logbook
The logbook allows you to switch between Mercantile skills once per
hour. When you use the logbook to switch your Mercantile skill, it will
remain at the same skill rank as your previous Mercantile skill, meaning
you will only ever need to invest lessons in one Mercantile skill.

A Hexagonal Lodestone
This lodestone will attempt to automatically pick up any mobs you kill,
and the items they drop, including gold. It will also occasionally
attempt to pick up items on the ground if they can be taken.

A ring of elemental mastery
A ring that contains all the elemental resistance enchantments upon it,
as well as the icewall, firewall and firelash enchantments. These
enchantments will never fade.

The Elindes Talisman
This talisman has 6 petals upon it which may be plucked at any time, and
each petal, when consumed, will restore the health, mana, blood,
endurance, and willpower of the owner. If consumed by anyone else, the
petals will restore only the endurance and willpower of that person. The
petals regrow at a rate of one per month.

An Orb of Nullification
This orb will prevent any actions against you which attempt to directly
force you to perform unintended acts.

A Bottomless Vial
This vial may be filled with any elixir or serum, and will never run

Izu-Ari's Dice
Once per Aetolian month, the owner may roll Izu-Ari's dice and receive a
bonus of +1 to one or two of his or her stats, and/or a health or mana
bonus of 5%.

A Bangle of Returning
The Bangle of Returning will allow you to mark a room and return to it
at will from anywhere on the same continent. The movement is not
instantaneous and is subject to recent-aggression checks that prevent it
from being used after recent combat.

Fermian's flagon
This flagon holds an unlimited amount of alcohol, the choice of which
will be given to the owner.

A Funereal Masque
The wearer of this masque will have their name hidden on deathsight when
they slay another.


A glimmering paintbrush
Allows one to scribe a floating message in a room, which will show up in
the room's description, upon movement/ql/look. You can create up to
three of them per howling, but only one per room. The messages will
linger in the room until the howling, after which they will disappear.
You can specify a colour for the words to appear in by preceding the
message with a number corresponding to that colour as per CONFIG COLOR.

Usage: PAINT WORDS 13 Aetolia rocks

Example output:
North of Trees. (road)
It is raining heavily, pregnant drops of water pouring down onto you.
Hanging in the air are the following words, "Aetolia rocks."
You see exits leading north, southeast, south, and southwest.

An urn of lava
Pouring this urn out will create a lava effect in the room. The urn only
contains enough lava to affect one room, but you can scoop the lava back
up with the urn to move it. Lava will dissipate and return to the urn
naturally after an hour's time.

An ironwall ring
This ring works similar to a ring enchanted with icewall. However, the
wall of iron it creates is indestructible. The wall crumbles away after
ten minutes, and the ring can only create one wall every 30 minutes.

A climber's icepick
Allows for the destruction of icewalls. Takes two seconds of
unmodifiable balance.

A barrel of inviolability
Nothing more than your average barrel lacking a top and bottom, this
barrel stood for many years in Qeddwyn's workshop. During Qeddwyn's many
years of work, the barrel managed to inadvertently acquire powers of its
own, due to the long, close proximity exposure to other artifacts.
Anybody wearing the barrel will find themselves unable to be attacked
via blackwind choke, or abducted by Syssin.


A Juggernaut's Belt
No ordinary belt, wearing this will increase all your stats by 1, while
also increasing your health and mana by 5%. This item is worth a
combined total of 2725 credits.

A pair of wings of the Atavians
Takes you to the clouds, and beyond! This item is worth 2000 credits.
Winner can choose to exchange for an amulet of the underrealms instead.

A gem of adaptation
Contains both the adaptation and polymath powers, allowing you to change
your class once an hour, and also letting you change your statpack when
you do so! Worth a combined total of 1500 credits.

A Pet Token
This token entitles the owner to one pet, as per HELP PETS, and includes
the full package normally valued at 900 Credits.

A House Deed
This deed entitles the owner to a house of their own in any location,
with 10 total rooms. The house may be added to as normal thereafter.

A lupine darkbow of the Hunt
A level 3 version of the artifact bow, worth 1400 credits.

Celestine bracers of devastation
Increases your chance of scoring critical hits upon a mob. Worth 1200

Penned by my hand on the 11th of Lanosian, in the year 381 MA.