Ylem Mines

12.2.1 Ylem Mines

"There's one thing the Dreikathi do right when it comes to their ylem and that's dig deep. Dig damned deep."
                                       -- Braytal Haarfil, a merchant of Delve

Ylem mines are a 'new' foray into ylem research upon Sapience. After several years of research beginning in 443 MA to survey the surrounding landscape, the researchers of Sapience's cities established four mines for the sole purpose of harvesting the resource deep beneath the earth in 448 MA.

The following mines can be found throughout Sapience:

Cinderbreach Mine, Enorian (v58349)
Difohr Passage, Bloodloch (v26522)
Myesian Run, Duiran (v58759)
Radial Dig Shaft #15, Spinesreach (v58576)

You may PATH FIND MINES to quickly make your way there as well via Landmarks.

The mines are a solo instance that can be taken on daily with a quest that will provide you with gold, XP, and ylem gain for your city. Each mine has a foreman present that will offer a quest to you. Once you have received it, you may ENTER MINE to undertake the mission for your city.

Beware! Spending long periods of time within the ylem mines may induce within you a foul debilitating disease known as 'ylem sickness'. Extensive exposure to the raw ylem deep beneath the earth and so close to the leylines has shown to lead to this and bring about a most painful death in individuals that contract it.