9.6.6 Woodcraft

Those who can craft useful items from wood are highly sought after for some of the basic staples of adventuring life, as well as some more esoteric objects. Vials, pipes, coffins, and elixir pots are some of the items frequently requested of skilled woodcarvers. Wealthy and powerful individuals often commission specialized designs for their own use, preferring to sip their elixirs in style.

To become a professional woodcarver, you must be trained by the craft guild of a major city. Go to the craft guild office and BUY WOODCRAFT PERMIT. The craft guild assesses a fee of 100 credits for the permit, which does not expire. Once a licensed woodcarver, you will have basic ability in the Woodcraft miniskill. The more you train in this skill, the higher quality your products will be.

To produce a useful item from a chunk of wood, simply purchase a project diagram and the components required to make the item as indicated by the diagram (usually wood). Then CARVE [qty] <#> to construct your item.

Once you have attained Expert skill in Woodcraft, you will gain the coveted ability to design items of your own. This process is a bit more involved:

1) Purchase a blank woodcraft design sketch from a craft guild office.

2) Acquire a diagram of the same type as the item you wish to design (vial, pipe, etc.), then DESIGN <sketch> COPY <diagram>. This will make a copy of the existing diagram on your blank sketch. If you copy a pattern onto a sketch that has been partially described, only the pattern type (vial, pipe, etc), and fields that are undescribed in the sketch will be copied. DESIGN <sketch> ERASE will completely erase a sketch, allowing you to start fresh.

3) Customize your sketch's appearance when held, when viewed in a room, and when examined closely:
   DESIGN <sketch> APPEARANCE <description>,
   DESIGN <sketch> DROPPED <description>,
   DESIGN <sketch> EXAMINED <description>.

4) Take your design sketch to a craft guild office and DESIGN <sketch> SUBMIT it for evaluation. The craft guild will review your sketch and make a project diagram from it if the design is approved.

5) When the project diagram is finished, you will be notified by letter that your diagram is ready to pick up. Return to the craft guild office and DESIGN REQUEST <diagram>, using the diagram number specified in the letter from the craft guild. The craft guild charges a fee for the creation of the diagram.

Use DESIGN LIST DRAFT WOODCRAFT to list all of the unsubmitted sketches you are holding.

Once you have attained Transcendent skill in woodcrafting, you will have the ability to make up to ten of your woodcraft designs permanent by doing DESIGN <#> PERMANENCE ON.

Once you have attained Transcendent skill in woodcraft, you will have the ability to list all diagrams in your inventory with DIAGRAMS.